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What is paver stone?

No wonder paver stones are becoming popular as part of architectural structure, not to mention the unique and attractive results it gives. If you ever wonder why paver stone is has a unique appearance here a good article on what is paver stone and its categories.

A paver stone is a stone, tile, brick, or brick-like piece of concrete commonly found on exterior flooring. Manufacturers made concrete paver by pouring a mixture of concrete and some type of coloring agent into a molder and allowing it to set. Usually, a contractor will pour a standard concrete foundation, spread sand on top, and then place the paver sone in the desired pattern.
Paver stone consists of many different kinds of stone, almost any type of rock can be made into one. But here are the common and well-used types of pavers, today:

A. Bluestone
B. Cobblestone
C. Travertine

These three are considered the most common stone that can be purchased in many different regions of the country. While this list is common, you can more variety of paver stones in your local market. Depending on where you live, there might be a local choice available such as granite or limestone. Make sure to seek help from a paver specialist to help you find the right stone for your particular project.

Reasons To Use Paver Stone

A lot of people found that paver stones provide an increase in your home resale value and great appeal on your curb. Here are a few reasons why used paver stone.

1. Beauty. No doubt paver stone adds aesthetically pleasing to your backyard or patio. From the variety of colors, shapes, designs, and patterns no wonder these products add a natural and environmental vibe to your yard.
2. Durability. Another important feature of paver stone is its durability. Did you know that pavers stone have been used for thousands and thousands of years ago? You may find roads in Roman-built with paved materials and can be seen today.
3. Flexibility. Paver stone is flexible. You can blend your stone through any different type of project. It can be used to through your swimming pool edges, your driveway that can withstand heavy traffic, and the most common project where you can see is the patio and walkway. Paver stone can be seen anywhere in your house!

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